The Battery Shield

Firetexx developed a new product for the firefighter.

The battery shield is designed to cover battery fires. More and more electrical products are coming on the market. In lots of products are Lithium-ion batteries because they are lightweight, rechargeable batteries the batteries are in electric bicycles, smartphones, tablets, laptops and hoverboards and even cars. With normal use, batteries are not dangerous, but they can overheat.

Firetexx developed the battery shield to protects the fireman. They can place the blanket over the burning battery and take the product to a safe place.

The Battery shield is stainless steel reinforced, texturized glass fabric with a specially formulated filled fire retardant coating. This heavyweight coated fabric is designed to retain strength and integrity for long periods at high temperature.

The battery shield is 1.50×1.50meter.
Weight coated Fabric 2200 g/m2
Thickness 2,20 mm

Price €699,= ex VAT