Air Cargo

Aircargo fire containment cover Firetexx

Aircargo Firetexx; Firetexx recently past the Cargo test FARIII .

This is only one of the extreem test Firetexx past.

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Oil Burner test Temperature 980 degrees (1800F) test;884 / 1016 degrees
CS25.853 App F Part 1(a)(1)(i) amdt 14,
ABD 0031 Issue F part 7.1.1 for V60 test.
ASTM E662 Flammability Heat Release
Smoke Emission Toxic Gas Emission (ppm) ABD0031 par 7.3.1 for Smoke Density
ABD 0031 par 7.4 for toxicity

 The fabric is also tested for the A2-s1-d0 conform de EN 13501.

Firetexx is a company established by Poly-Ned ( Firetexx capitalises on the growing demand for environmentally friendly fire prevention equipment. The Firetexx products are made of a fire resistant fabric, a product that, therefore, fits in well with the textile products of Poly-Ned. This fire-resistant textile is made of fibreglass with a fire-resisting coating. The textile is extremely fire-resistant. The heat radiation of the material is also extremely low! Firetexx currently has many applications for the material.

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