TIGNIS fireblanket


At the beginning of 2007 we launched an innovative product named the TIGNIS blanket, a fire-extinguishing blanket. The TIGNIS blanket is not an ordinary fire-extinguishing blanket but a fire-extinguishing blanket from a fire retardant fabric that measures 6 x 9 metres for extinguishing vehicle fires. The reason for designing this fire-extinguishing blanket were the many vehicle fires that occurred during the riots in France in 2005. By pulling the TIGNIS blanket over a car, you can extinguish a car fire in a few minutes. The TIGNIS blanket only weighs 25 kilos and is, due to this, very compact when folded. The TIGNIS blanket is the solution especially at locations that fire-extinguishing vehicles find difficult to access. Various types and sizes can be supplied including, for example, for extinguishing roller container fires!

Carfire blanket 6×9 €699 excl VAT and shipment
COUVERTURE FEU DE VOITURE 6x9m €699 excl VAT and shipment
Brannteppe bil 6×9 €699 excl VAT and shipment
Brandfilt bil 6×9 €699 excl VAT and shipment

Minimum order amount is 10 car fire blankets. If you only what just one blanket please contact us for the best price.


Cooling the car with water is possible.

The water doesn’t go through the blanket, but cooling the temperature;

Please check the link for a demo of our blanket;