About us

Firetexx is a company established by Poly-Ned (www.polyned.nl). Firetexx capitalises on the growing demand for environmentally friendly fire prevention equipment.

Poly-Ned is active in ”textile architecture”: functional and aesthetic design using textile and wire mesh fabric that may be provided with functional and aesthetic coatings and/or printed material.

PolyNed makes a Airdome and Poly-Ned supplies the solution for numerous activities that are impossible to perform outdoors. You should also call in Poly-Ned for an external wall, roof or (acoustic) stretch ceiling. Even an air cushion roof is possible!

The renovation of an existing wall or ceiling can be realised relatively inexpensively and quickly by using textile and wire mesh fabrics. A tensile structure, a canopy or a roof can be designed in a spectacular manner by
using a Poly-Ned membrane.

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